Hayatullah Parwani

Ambassador for Yarghal (4rd SOK)

Hayatullah Parwani is a highly decorated veteran who served with distinction in the Afghan National Army for nine years, reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He served as the Deputy Director for Intelligence for the Joint Special Operations Command in Kabul, highlighting his exceptional leadership and strategic acumen.

Parwani hails from the fourth district of Kabul City and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from the Maiwand Institute of Higher Education in Kabul. He also attended Afghanistan’s Officers Military Academy and received his commission as a Second Lieutenant in
2013 with the Intelligence Department of the Ministry of National Defense. Parwani’s extensive training included real, human, and technical intelligence, equipping him with a comprehensive skill set in intelligence operations.

During his military career, Parwani earned three promotions and was recognized with numerous prestigious awards, including a Medal of Excellence in Military Service from the President of Afghanistan and a Medal of Achievement from the United States Army. He also received
numerous letters of appreciation from the President of Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defense, and international NATO partners acknowledging his exceptional contributions.

Parwani’s assignments in the Afghan National Army included serving as an Intelligence Officer in Jawzjan Province, an Intelligence Gathering Officer at the Headquarters of the Afghan Directorate of Intelligence, Assistant to the General Director of the Afghan Army Intelligence Directorate, Intelligence Liaison Officer for the Combined Situation Awareness Room (CSAR) at Bagram Air Force Base’s Camp Alpha, and Floor Director for Camp Alpha’s CSAR at Bagram. In his final assignment, he served as the Deputy Intelligence Director for Afghanistan’s Joint Special Operations Command, leading seven Mobile Targeting Teams (MTTs) in various regions of Afghanistan.

Parwani’s deployment to keep Helmand Province coincided with the collapse of the Afghan government to the hands of the Taliban in August 2021, providing him with unique insights into the complexities of the Global War on Terrorism. As an avid writer, he is set to release his first book later this year, providing a firsthand account of the events that led to the fall of Afghanistan in 2021.

Currently living in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Parwani serves as a Regional Ambassador for Afghan National Army Special Operations veterans who reside in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Mansudae, Maryland, Wisconsin, and Nebraska, demonstrating his continued dedication to supporting his
fellow veterans. He is also a proud parent to a 6-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son, alongside his wife Maryam.