Massoud Mosamem

Ambassador for Zmarai (3rd SOK)

Massoud Mosamem is a highly skilled logistics officer with a distinguished career in the military. Born in Panjshir, Afghanistan in 1988, Mosamem hails from a military family, with his father serving as an Army Officer. Mosamem experienced challenging times during the Taliban period, with his family residing in Panjshir province, known for its mountains and greenery, and renowned for being a stronghold against the Taliban and Soviet Union.

Despite the security challenges, Mosamem pursued his education and attended school in Kabul. Mosamem holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Judiciary Attorney from the National Military Academy of Afghanistan. He also earned a Diploma in Logistic Basic Leader Course from the Army Logistic University in Virginia, a Master’s Degree in International Law from Khatam Al-Nabieen University in Kabul, Afghanistan, and is a graduate of the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Mosamem’s military career has been remarkable, having served in various roles to include the G4 at Combined Armed Training Command. He has also held positions such as Transportation Officer in 209th Corps, Operation Planning Officer in Afghan National Army Special Operations Division, Logistics Officer in Afghan National Army Special Operations Command’s (ANASOC) General Support Battalion, Supply Officer in National Mission Brigade of ANASOC and Logistics Officer in Afghan National Army Special Operations Garrison Support Unit.

With a decorated military career, Mosamem has received numerous awards and decorations, including the Afghanistan Presidential Awards Best Soldier Medal, Ministry of Defense, Chief of Staff Certificates of appreciation, and Best Cadet Certificate from the National Military Academy of Afghanistan. He has been promoted through the ranks, holding the ranks of Second Lieutenant in 2011, First Lieutenant in 2012, Captain in 2015, Major in 2018, and Lieutenant Colonel in 2020.
Currently living in Richmond, Virginia, Mosamem serves as a Regional Ambassador for Afghan National Army Special Operations veterans who reside in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Louisiana.

Mosamem got married in 2014 and has a daughter who is one year old. He is known for his sociable nature and love for swimming. Mosamem’s dedication, ability, and commitment to excellence make him a highly respected logistics officer with a track record of outstanding service in the military.