Mohammad Asem Shukoori

Ambassador for Khanjar (7th SOK)

Asem Shukoori is a professional military officer with a distinguished background. Born in Bazarak district of Panjshir province in 1999, he has always been committed to serving his country with valor and dedication. Shukoori’s career highlights include his first commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in 2019, where he served as the Executive Officer for the military advisor of the Minister of Defense in the Afghan National Army. He then went on to serve in Joint Special Operations Command Combined Situational Awareness Room (JSOC/CSAR) as the Commander’s Aide, while also working as a mobile targeting officer for JSOC. In 2020, he was posted as the 215th Maiwand Corp Commander’s Aide in Helmand province where he worked closely with U.S. Special Forces teams in Camp Shorabak. Shukoori’s most recent military assignment was as the Afghan National Army Special Operations Command (ANASOC) Commander’s Aide. Throughout his career, Shukoori has displayed exemplary leadership skills, tactical acumen, and unwavering commitment to duty. His professionalism and expertise have earned him accolades and recognition among his peers and superiors alike, making him a valuable asset to any military operation.

Shukoori’s military education includes graduating from the prestigious Indian Military Academy (IMA) and completing studies in Military Studies and War Management from Uttarakhand Technical University (2017 – 2019). He has completed extensive training in various specialized courses, including the GSG2 Intelligence course, Commando course, Special Forces training course, and Situation Awareness Room/ Regional Targeting Team
Operator course at Camp Sullivan in Kabul.

Currently residing in Falls Church, Virginia and serves as the Regional Ambassador for Afghan Special Operations veterans who live in Virginia.