Obaidullah Safi

Ambassador for 5SOK (Zulfiqar)


Obaidullah Safi is a seasoned military professional with a distinguished career in the Afghan National Army, serving for nine years and achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. As an experienced intelligence officer, he has made significant contributions to the mission of the Afghan National Army Special Army Special Operation Command (ANASOC).

Safi was born in Jalalabad city, Nangarhar province, where he received his Diploma in Business Administration from Kardan Institute of Higher Education. He furthered his education at the prestigious Indian Military Academy (IMA), where he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 2013. He was assigned as a Tactical Intelligence Officer in the 5th SOK (Zulfiqar) ANASOC, where he provided critical technical intelligence information on enemy activities, terrain, and weather. Safi has served in various positions in different units. He has been the Deputy Intelligence Officer in the 5th SOK (Zulfiqar) from 2013 to 2015 in Mazar e Sharif, the Intelligence Officer in the 10th SOK (Pamir) in Kunduz from 2016 to 2017, and most recently, the Intelligence Officer for the First Special Operations Brigade – North (SOB-N) from 2017 to 2021.

During his military service, Safi completed specialized training abroad in Italy and India, honing his skills and ability in intelligence operations. He has proven courage and dedication in the face of adversity, sustaining injuries in active firefight against the Taliban in Dehdadi district of Mazar
e Sharif just before the fall of the Afghan government in August 2021. In recognition of his distinguished service, Safi was evacuated from Afghanistan to the U.S along with his family by one of his U.S Special Forces comrades in August 2021.

Throughout his military career, Safi has been recognized for his outstanding performance and leadership. He received numerous letters of appreciation from the Italy Mountain Division, Indian Special Forces, Afghan Ministry of Defense, ANASOC, and U.S Special Forces. Safi’s
unwavering commitment to duty, exemplary leadership, and extensive experience make him a respected professional in the field of military intelligence and security. In addition to his military achievements, he has won multiple awards such as a Gold Cup in cricket and a Silver Medal in
soccer from IMA.

He now resides in Maryland where he serves as a Loss Prevention Officer in an international hotel. He takes pride in being a Regional Ambassador for Afghan National Army Special Operations veterans residing in Maryland, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana