Ahmad Khalid Noori

Ahmad Khalid Noori

Program Manager

Born in northern Afghanistan, Mr. Noori is a proud veteran of the Afghan Special Operations Community. An attack in late 2010 that killed his father, MG Noori, and wounded numerous other Afghan officials prompted Noori to join the Afghan Army. After being nominated to attend and graduating from a military academy in southern India, Noori began his military career in 2016 as Head of Office for Afghanistan’s Joint Special Operations Command. He rose to the rank of Captain and led a company of Ktah Khas (National Mission Unit) to conduct counter-terrorism operations in partnership with U.S. Special Operations Forces (USSOF) throughout Afghanistan. His service includes over 6 years of ground support and combat experience.

With a demonstrated track record of success with high-end combat operations, clandestine activities, intelligence, and other discreet operations, Noori has been awarded numerous honors for contributing to U.S. national security, defense, and foreign policy objectives. He provided regional, cultural, and linguistic atmospherics, shared knowledge of key actors and institutions, and leveraged informal networks of local contacts and influencers in the region. His steadfast leadership in providing the best military advice to both U.S. and Afghan officials was critical to U.S. security objectives throughout the region. 

During his tenure within the Afghan Special Operations community, Mr. Noori received appreciation awards from the highest levels of the Afghan government for his outstanding service and achievements. Through his service, Noori cultivated strong skills in emergency planning/crisis response, leadership, communications, mentorship, and coaching. These skills helped him train future generations of troops/support staff and serve honorably alongside USSOF. 

As a Program Manager at Honor the Promise, Noori leads the team’s efforts to identify the Afghan National Army Special Operations Forces members who were evacuated to the U.S. and ensure they have the support they need to achieve their resettlement goals.

Noori holds a postgraduate degree in Defense Management and Strategic Studies from Hindustan University. He is interested in space, enjoys traveling, and reading historical books. He also enjoys playing both soccer and Buzkashi (Afghanistan’s national sport featured in Rambo 3)!