What We Believe

Why Are We Here
Honor the Promise is focused on resettling our Afghan allies that were evacuated and relocated by the U.S. Government and other volunteer evacuation organizations. We address gaps in the system and anticipate long-term needs to help Afghans build resilience and fully integrate into their new communities.

Our vision is that in less than a decade, Afghan refugees say with pride and purpose “I belong here” having successfully integrated at the community level, built the resilience to thrive, and achieved their American Dream.

– We are a connector and catalyst
We serve Afghan Special Operations Veterans, Interpreters, and their families
We mobilize the Veteran Ecosystem, frontline civilians, and community volunteers
We build refugee resilience through intentional integration

How We Do It
– Mobilize veteran and citizen volunteers to provide comprehensive support 
– Collaborate with trusted public and private organizations
– Leverage our special operations skills and relationships
– Partner with reputable veteran programs to deliver tailored solutions to our Afghan allies
– Share the stories of the human connections forged on the battlefield between Afghans and Americans 

Operating Philosophy
Honor the Promise assists newly-arrived members of the Afghan Special Operations community and their families build resilience as they resettle in the U.S. so they can live their American Dream, become contributing members of American society, and feel a sense of belonging.